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The Yong Cheng Cultural Concept

Goal: endless pursuit of customer satisfactory

Objective: continues forever to manage, the quality is supreme

Spirit: unity, struggle, truth seeking, creativity

Oath:pursuing, endless working

The style of staff: passionate in their job, striving for excellence

Aspiration: better life

The attitude of staff:unison, love, confidence, concentration, persistence

The quality policy: endless pursuit of perfect quality, meticulous satisfy customer demands

The business policy: to development by quality, to get market by credit, to get high efficiency by new product, to make Yong Cheng better by creativity.

The management policy: high efficiency on production, invigorate and take strictly measure on management, reasonable on distribution, pay much attention on staff’s daily life.

The development strategy: constantly reform and innovation in developing.

The direct of development: enlarging the enterprise scale, improving the quality of goods, humanism in management.

The guideline: guaranteed good quality, protected reputation, ensured costing

The standard of behavior: talking truth, doing practical things, having goodwill, respecting customer

The requirement for staff: establishing business with one heart and one mind, keeping up the good work.

The relationship with staff: Yong Cheng provides a bay for staff, staff make the Yong Cheng better.

Thank for your understanding and supporting before, let us make progress together, our bright future is depend on your cooperation and concern.

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